As I posted yesterday’s entry, I noticed a major bonus in living in Australia… The time difference between here and there (US) worked in my favour! I had intended to post the piece once I reread a final time, but alas my husband had other ideas. He came to my office, moved the privacy screen to say something and got it hooked up in the printer as it fed through page thirteen of the twenty-two page oDesk manual.
As you might imagine, it took quite a time for me to detangle the tiny thread from within. Luckily, despite my fears of having to go back to the Post Office to buy my third same-model printer in almost as many weeks (my two-year old granddaughter pulled a piece of paper from the previous mid-print, and alas it was no more), all that I had to do was, gentler methods failing dismally, reef savagely on the thread, which, still wrapped around the spring from the printer’s paper roller, now sits on the kitchen table silently taunting my beloved.
So, instead of the ‘here’s a little about me’ piece I’d planned to write today before dashing into town (35km from home), please accept the above. Not that you have a choice now you’ve read it.
As always,
Kind regards,

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