27TH November 2014 – DAY ONE:
It’s Thursday, and once more I rushed to finish last week’s issue of That’s Life! before today’s hits the stands. However, as I sat to read a couple of articles over my morning cup of tea, a stumbling block of an entirely welcome nature stood before me. I usually skip over ‘how to’ sections, but then I saw the heading ‘The write stuff’ – as an editor, these things tend to jump out at me. This time though, a word wasn’t being misused. The short paragraph following informed those ‘good with words’ that an online organisation, oDesk, offers a choice of writing jobs.
So I headed to http://www.odesk.com.au to see if this might be a way for me to not only earn some extra cash but also to utilise skills now going to waste due to my physical inability to commit to a regular workplace. Lately, I’d been thinking of online work as a chance to make the most of my Professional Writing and Editing qualifications now that my disabilities have forced me into retirement far too early.
So far, I’ve registered and have read the emanual they provide to assist ‘newbies’ to their online working environment. Next is to complete my profile, supplying a photograph also (talk about stumbling blocks!) and nominate two ways of being paid. As they’re not based in Australia, this will mean using PayPal and figuring out another suitable method. Then we’ll see if my hope that this is going to be the start of a wonderful friendship comes to fruition, or not. I love editing so much, and being paid to do it for a change will be extremely welcome. After all, that is why I spent two and a half years studying the required skillset. To earn my living doing something almost as integral to me as breathing.
While mulling all this over as I deadheaded the flowers in my small garden (ending up in agony, but pleased at how pretty it all looks daily), I decided to finally use my Word Press account’s website to share whatever this journey brings. I’d signed up months ago in hopes of finally writing something, anything… and of course haven’t written a word there yet. Day one, indeed. For both the writing and my foray into online work.
I hope you’ll find my tale interesting and informing. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to begin your own journey, no matter how many distractions life and all its quirks and forks in the roads throws your way.
Kind regards to you, Always,

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