The loss of one small blue budgie shouldn’t mean so much, given the losses of others at this time. Houses lost (between SA fires and ours), lives risked… These things are more important on the scale of all things. I think too much, I know.

We have and will survive the fires which, despite the horrific wind, continue to be under control. The crews must be exhausted and still they muster. The heat has eased some now, and the cool breeze is so wonderful. But between the two weathers was the most horrific wind my yard, my bird aviary, has experienced to date.

I’d just raised the kitchen blind to see the smoky haze, check visually that we were still in no danger, when the windstorm hit. Awed that the massive tree swaying so viciously could withstand and remain upright, I missed that my aviary so newly placed in that corner of the yard (thought being that it would be protected from the weather there) had begun lifting. My husband stood at the door raising the alarm.

I raced outside, hoping to save my two poor budgies, but only one remained. I imagine the other is miles away by now – not through flight but the sheer magnitude of the gust that pushed it. Poor little Bluie. I hope she’s not frightened; I hope she is now enjoying the freedom she dreamed of from safe within her confines. I refuse to think on the direction she’d have blown; toward the fire not so far away with the wind factored in.

No, she’s out there; seeking a safe haven, grazing along the way, perhaps even finding a new home away from the screeching squawks of Greenie. Ah, the irony, Greenie, the budgie she left behind, clinging to the pieces of an aviary fast disintegrating instead of seeking the freedom she so loudly, daily (all day long) proclaimed her right. Nasty little Greenie whom I many times threatened with liberty, whether or not it was in her best interests 🙂 because she was so mean to her fellow feathered ‘friend’ – and she’s now outlasted two of them. But that, too, is a story for another day…

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