Quite a couple of days…

Well, the fire threats have passed, the windstorm’s abated and we’ve pushed what’s left of the bird aviary back into our yard before the neighbour starts charging rental. I’ve told Andrew, my husband, to build the next one from concrete, though that might not help either as the poles we put in for privacy screening along our boundary fence have lifted out of the ground too. But at least they’re still standing, albeit off kilter against the fence. 🙂


Thankfully, no lives were lost in the fires, or in the windstorm for that matter! The Moyston fire burnt over 4700 hectares; one house burnt down. One Hastings farmer will lose half his 3000 sheep. The fire came close to but didn’t touch houses in Willaura North, Maroona and surrounds.

Well done and thank you to the firefighters who came from our local areas and far away; they deserve all the accolades they receive. As do all who’ve attended the fires in South Australia, the next state over from us.

The link below will take you to an article in the Herald Sun about the fires.


And now that I’ve been through the house clearing layers of dust off furniture, fixtures and floor – from the windstorm (having the windows open to let the suddenly cool air lower the temperature inside seemed a great idea at the time, especially as the power went out after a pole fell across the road in the storm) – it’s definitely times to sit with a cuppa, my latest crochet project and serenity.

By the way, it’s amazing the difference having notification of a Follower to your blog will do… If you look at the date I began this blog, hoping it’d get me back to writing something, anything, you’ll notice I’ve been much more dedicated since you, Emily. Writing a blog for myself alone just didn’t make sense, I suppose. So I thank you and hope you enjoy the journey so far. 😉

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