Links to free patterns I love from around the web

Every time I see a pattern I absolutely love and must make, I save it to bookmarks then rarely get to it for all the gorgeous patterns I already have on file. So, this page’s purpose is twofold: organising my favourite pattern links, and sharing them with others.

The first of these (picture to follow once I make one), the reason I finally had my lightbulb moment :), is: A gorgeous pink top made by attaching tapes to a beautiful yoke. I’ll make mine longer in front and back as I’m 48 and not in shape enough for the designers daring look. I’m picturing the curved hemline reaching mid-thigh in back and slightly higher in the front. Did I mention I want one for each day of the week? Colours? Yellow, brown, mint green (loving ‘this season’s’ colour, despite not liking green usually), purple, white, royal blue and red…? I better get cracking – summer’s almost here! I’ve a new grandchild (#3) on the way, so I was wrapped to find this Cupcake Newborn Hat pattern – and a freebie too! Hairpin lace tutorial with cardigan pattern – gorgeous! This one’s not only to share a link to a gorgeous top, it’s also to share a wonderful site! Not in English, but plenty of visual aids, for sewing patterns It’s Always Autumn: Teddy bear robe – too cute! A perfectly simple to make but stunning slouch!

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