Sewing Pattern: Sleeveless Shirt

sleeveless shrtpurpleClick here for a pdf of a Sleeveless Shirt pattern I created this week. The pdf doesn’t contain the pattern pieces, but if interest is shown I’m happy to scan them in etc. to insert in this post.

Once made, I loved everything about the floral print shirt but the front hemline – so I made a purple one with the front hemline matching the back. Much preferred 🙂 However, whilst the purple shirt is soft and silky, I wasn’t happy with the ‘plain’ look of the front, so I made a fabric rose to match. I attached it to a hairclip so it can be worn at the cleavage area or left off, depending on a whim 🙂 And I do seem to be having a few of those re this pattern. rose

I love the way the collar attachment in both versions creates an airy openness for Australia’s summer heat, but I really shirt backlove the native flora print of the first. As for the purple of the second, I think it is remarkably similar to my wisteria, don’t you?shrtcollarspcewisty

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