C2C Projects for Christmas Gifts

LaurenThis My Little Pony Afghan is the first of three Afghan’s I’m making as gifts for family this year – possibly there’ll be a fourth if I have time. This one took around 2 weeks, an estimate of 65 hours, to make. I am only recently new to c2c skills, so this, my first project using it, fills me with satisfaction and just a dash of pride 🙂 However, as we know, pride oft goeth before… And my fall was in the date my beloved granddaughter Lauren was born. You see, she and my grandson, a year apart in age, have birthdays within a month of each other. As they’re only 2 and 3 respectively, I sometimes muddle the month belonging to each. When designing this item, I put so much effort into getting the day and month correct that I stuffed up the bit I confidently know 🙂 – the year. Ah, pride, mine enemy 🙂  Never mind, it only took a little creative thinking to come up with a patch to put over the error, attaching a fabric backing before finishing with that gorgeous trim around.

Anyway, here’s the first of 2015 Christmas series of gifts – if you’d like a graph of the pony, or of the alphabet, numbers… let me know. Happy to share.

The next project is my grandson’s Smurf Afghan. Then hubby’s Geelong Football Club logo Afghan. Time willing, Freemantle Football Club logo Afghan for my daughter to follow. 

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